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Welcome to the Witches of PA Official Website! We are an organization dedicated to education and outreach for witches and pagans of Pennsylvania! As you can see, things are still looking a little bit bare -- most of our internal pages haven't been completed just yet but we have a lot of plans for this site, including links to witchcraft resources, educational material and an online zine (run by our admin, RK)! In addition to this, we will be creating a witchcraft/paganism events calendar for the state and a listing of WOPA affiliated shops and sellers!
In the meantime, please stop on by our Facebook group page, forum or discord server! Updates should be frequent so make sure to check back again soon for more updates!

Thank you for visiting! -RK, webmaster & heretical gray witch

Site News
04/09/2022 - Added Our Affiliate Groups to the navigation bar as well as the rest of our specialty groups.
04/08/2022 - Witches of PA Preliminary Index Posted
04/07/2022 - WitchesofPA.org domain purchased!

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